This kid's hand lettering workbook provides your child or student step-by-step instructions on how to change the letters that he/she writes everyday into calligraphy. We start by disecting each component of a letter in a way that's easy to understand, and then look at all the way that those components can be morphed into easy-to-learn lettering. 


This workbook contains a page for every lowercase letter of the alphabet. Each letter is seperated into easy-to-understand instructions. Each letter has a full explanation on the many ways it can be written in calligraphy and the many ways it can be incorporated into a full word.


This workbook does NOT contain uppercase letters. For additional instructions on how to write uppercase letters, how to write the entire alphabet in traditional cursive previously taught in schools, or how to do advanced "faux" calligraphy, please see the Kid's Learn to Letter Booster Packs.

Kid's Learn to Letter eBook - A Grade School Child's Guide to Hand Lettering

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